Helpful hints and things to remember when planning your event

Get organized!

Get your guests organized

We recommend organizing a list of all your guests full names, addresses and zip codes. This will make sending out save-the-dates, invites, and thank you cards easier. This will also double as a list of people attending your event.

Plan ahead

You should also plan out all your dates in advance. Find out the exact day you're sending out the save-the-dates, the day you're sending out the invitations and the date the thank you wishes are mailed.

When to send it out


Save-the-dates are typically sent out 6-9 months in advance. If you have any international guests, this gives them time to arrange travel plans. 


Invitations are usually sent out 6-9 weeks before the ceremony. If you feel you need more time to collect RSVP's from your guests, you can always send it out earlier.

It's always a good idea to order a few extra invitations in case of last-minutes additions of guests or keepsakes. 

Thank you cards

If you're planning on ordering thank you cards, it's best to send them roughly 2 weeks after your wedding.



Remember, legibility is very important. It's always best to avoid as much confusion as possible with important information. 

Spelling and grammar

Always double-check and triple-check your invitations and address labels. Always double-check any proofs that are sent you to make sure everything is spelt correctly. We're human and can make mistakes!  

Need help with wording?

Have a peek at our suggested wording.