Creative Wedding Favours

1. Personalized USB drive

The best thing about this favour is how....well, personalized it is! You could do them en-masse by burning wedding playlists, or (going the extra mile) tailor the USBs of your besties to include special photos or messages. To keep with your aesthetic, customize the USB's colour and text!





2. Stationery cart

Instead of a desert cart, why not try a stationery cart? Guests can select from various cards (Thank You's, Happy Birthday's, even Sorry Your Dog Died's), and either keep them souvenir-style, or use them on special occasions. It's the gift that keeps on giving - and the cart  makes a gorgeous decoration.





3. Regional snacks

Is the town you're getting married in the Jelly Bean capital of the world? You get where I'm going with this...why not celebrate the local culture by gifting it's signature food? If Pinterest has taught me anything, it's that the customizable wrapping can be delicious as the food inside. Why not take it a step further by tying it off with a favour tag?



4. Baby Plants

What better way to symbolize the new life you're beginning with your loved one? Besides, these tiny plants are just plain cute. The possibilities are endless - silk flowers, decorative seed paper, teensy saplings, or colourful succulents. Another way to emphasize your hometown is to give out local flora.





5. Photo Coasters

Instagram coasters are trending right now! As well as being quirky and beautiful, these coasters have great potential for story-telling. Just be sure to choose photos that guests would be comfortable placing mugs on - i.e. you look cute when you kiss, but maybe not on these? These also make a fun DIY project for the handier folk among us.