Botanical Invitations

"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."
-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Our inspiration stemmed from the muted tones in vintage botanical illustrations. Now, we find delight in the colour that our timeless stationery found itself paired with in this recent Wedluxe photoshoot. We hope you enjoy this contrast of life and antiquity in the images below. The last photo in particular looks remarkably like an Impressionist painting.


Featured in Wedluxe - Photography by Krista Fox

Making a Seating Chart

Seating chart by Anista Designs

When guests arrive at the reception dinner, this is their process: they glance at a seating chart or grab an escort card, then make their way to a table.

 Your process is significantly more complex. 

You can start planning the second your RSVPS are in. One of the first decisions should be specific seats vs. table numbers. If your meal is a buffet, then a large seating chart (a board showing people's names and table numbers) should do the trick. However, for a formal multi-course meal with individualized meal selections, assigned seating may be the only way to fight back chaos. In this case, escort cards (cards with someone's name, table number, and seat number) can be helpful. 

Escort Cards by Anista Designs

When planning, keep table size in mind. For 60” round tables, the ideal is 6-8 people seated, while for a 6’ by 30” rectangular table, the ideal is 6-8 (depending on whether you seats people at the endcaps – the head and foot of the table). It’s also important to make sure you have the right amount of tables in the room, and that people have enough space to move between them comfortably. The ideal is at least 60” away from each other, and at least 30" from the wall.

Once that's figured out, it becomes a matter of matching personalities. You know the character of your family and friends, so there’s nobody better suited to pairing people up at tables. However, it’s not a bad idea to ask for suggestions - you might be surprised at your friend's seating preference!

As the lucky couple, you may choose to sit at a sweetheart table – a table isolated from the rest, where you can have your first meal as a wedded couple. You can also sit with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can sit with parents, with direct family, or you could sit with coworkers if you like.  Traditionally, your parent’s sit with your sweetheart’s parents, but here's the most important thing to remember: it’s your wedding, and your decision.

As for the aesthetics of your escort cards of seating chart - that you can leave to a friendly stationery business!

Rococo Inspired Invitations

When King Louis XV ruled France, his playfulness and grandiosity was reflected in the passionately ornate art of his people. The Rococo style, delicate and full of whimsy, stayed popular throughout the 18th century - its elegance, however, is timeless.

Today we take inspiration from Rococo when designing vintage wedding invitations. Below you will find examples of our invites, and the frilly french architecture that influenced them.


Classic paintings are often done in Grisaille, or grey monochrome, with only sparse sections of colour. After Grisaille was popularized by painting masters like Rembrandt, it began bleeding into sculpture and architecture - Rococo artists particularly favoured this style, as it was more cost-effective and made a striking contrast against gold ornamentation. To replicate this in our Tea Party Collection, we embossed our demure stationery with gold foil.


Lilian Collection - Anista Designs

Pastel palettes were a reaction to the harsh lighting and stiff, sharp contours of the preceding Baroque period. Shrugging off the bleak Baroque drama, Rococo artists instead experimented with subdued tints of creamy colour, creating an atmosphere of sensual lighthearted whimsy. These soft, dreamy colour are particularly reflected in our Lilian collection.


Ava Collection - Anista Designs

Rocaille, a combination of the french words for "Rock" and "Shell", was the backbone of the Rococo style. Sweeping asymmetric shapes, often abstract and floral, framed or adorned most Rococo work. Even in figurative paintings, you will find Rocaille influences in the fluid curls of trees and clouds. In the Ava Collection (shown above), you'll see the "S" and "C" shaped scrolls typical of Rocaille.

Girly Stationery Shoot

Pink is feminine, sweet and cheery. It can evokes Valentines romance or childish charm, making it the perfect versatile tool for any wedding. That's why we found it such a treat, designing stationery for this Perfect Pink Wedluxe photoshoot! Pictured below is our Adelaide line of stationery, shot by tenoversix photography - the pink garnishes it in floral swirls, overlaid by embossed gold wreaths. 

2015 Stationery Trends

Darcy Collection - Anista Designs

1. Faux Watercolour

Translucent bleeds of colour, especially when paired with florals, are hot right now. Free flowing pastels are a fun, modern way to keep your elegant script from appearing stiff and dusty.




Hadly Collection - Anista Designs

2. Marbled paper

One of the biggest trends of the year is rippling faux-stone. The style varies, with some stationery trying it's darndest to mimic real stone, and others using the faint patterning as a stylish accent.





Jade Collection - Anista Designs

3. Rustic homespun

You've heard of faux-watercolour, now how about faux-wood? Theses invitations are a perfect compliment to a rustic outdoors wedding. When photographed, they can also be unbelievably realistic.




Amanda Collection - Anista Designs


Gold is a timeless accent. Including splashes of it in the form of foil accents is a perfect way to get your glitz on without overwhelming guests.