Lace Wedding Ideas

Lace is luxury. It's said to have originated in 16th century Venice, from where it swept the world as a status symbol. The labour and the expense involved were extraordinary - all those stiff collars you see in Medieval royal portraits, the ugly ones that looks like vet-inflicted Cones of Shame, each took a thousand hours of expert labour. Just one square cm could take five hours. Lace is luxury. 

And you deserve luxury. Now, thinking beyond the wedding dress, what are some creative ways of working lace into your wedding?


It's not just for the runway. Lace can be worn as a stunning accessory, in ways only limited by your imagination. Even better, we've found a nifty DIY guide so these beauties don't have to break your bank.




Architectural lace is a Dutch innovation that could revolutionize our urban areas. For now, it's a rare sight! 





Lace-inspired stationery is somewhat of a speciality here at Anista Designs! Pictured on the right are our signature lace envelopes.





Baby's Breath flowers are widely regarded as nature's lace. They can be incorporated in weddings as bouquets, table pieces, wreaths, or even bridal arches.