A Visit from Royalty

This Monday was a special one for Anista Designs. Exotic-looking Pangur paid us a visit and deemed the studio beneath her – though she did seem fond of Mathew, our tiny CEO.

After being released from her carrier by a harried intern, Pangur made the rounds screaming and sniffing our décor with disdain. Quickly the petite princess decided that, though not up to scratch, the studio would make an acceptable tribute. In the photo below, she strolls her new kingdom with her head raised loftily, modelling a handmade Anista Designs gift tag.

Little did she know, this realm already had a tiny king. Mathew, the son of Anista Design’s founder, Christa, was highly entertained by the imperious feline. He took his diplomatic duties quite seriously, accompanying Pangur on a survey of their territory, and occasionally pulling down a box for her to sniff and inspect.

At Anista Designs, we do appreciate our feline overlords - especially when they match our aesthetic so neatly - but at the end of the day, it came time to escort her royal rear back into the carrier. She screamed her outrage all the way out, watching with horror as her newly conquered kingdom retreated in her sight. When at last she had departed, we found she'd thoughtfully left clumps of loose white hair behind, to ease the lose of her company. This last considerate gesture brought tears to our eyes - though perhaps it was just allergies.  Farwell, Pangur, and may your tiny pink claws snare many a kingdom to come. They've already snared our hearts.

Upon hearing an intern remark on their hunger, she declared "LET THEM EAT KIBBLE."

What a poser - behind her is one of our popular items, a handmade Bride/Groom chair sign