How to write a Thank You letter

When is a Thank You letter appropriate? The answer might surprise you - unless you're living under the same roof, it's not only appropriate, it's necessary. They’ve put, if not money, certainly time and energy into a thoughtful gesture for you. While firing off an email is easier and more immediate, nothing packs an emotional punch like a handwritten card. The next question has a longer answer - what on earth do you say? No need to fret - luckily for you, we have a formula.


People love  the sounds of their own names. Greet them with theirs! If you're wondering how formal to go (i.e. Dear Jane vs. Dear Mrs. Jones), imagine yourself greeting them in personal. Address them however you would in spoken word.


Describe the gift or action in terms of what it means to you. What do you plan to do with the gift? If it was an action (i.e. helping you to move) what did it allow you to accomplish? Be honest – don’t exaggerate your emotions.


Now's a good time to stat what you think of the person / how you feel to have them in your life. Customize your wording (do you have any inside jokes? What would be meaningful for them to read?)


When are you seeing them next? Telling them you look forward to your next encounter is always a nice touch.


It's common to close with the classic “Thanks”. You only need to thank them once, so don’t overdo it.


Finish with your name - you have to let them know who it's from, after all!

And there you have it - a personalized, emotionally devastating Thank You card. Finally, if sentiment isn't enough to rouse you into action, think on this - those who write Thank You letters are more likely to receive future gifts ;)