Father's Day

Me and my father, forever ago

I didn't really think about Father's Day back in September of 2014.

I did, however, think about how good many of the days were then, and how unfortunate the situation was.  There were a lot of visits that, quite simply, made up for lost time.  The amount of special moments I had (as he spoke to me for the first time about candid business topics) and the overwhelming feelings of confidence and love were restored that September as I watched my Dad die from pancreatic cancer.  I certainly didn't think about what my first Father's Day was going to be like without him.  

Dancing with my father on my wedding day

I am certainly not alone in my experience of losing a father (you dear special people know who you are).  Today, however, I look to cherish and remember my Dad for the traits he instilled in me,  which I hope are recognizable to those who know me.  Moving forward, I "adopted" my Uncle as my fill-in Dad, (any self-respecting card maker needs one to send cards to, at very least!) More importantly, I stand in awe every day as my husband demonstrates what it means to be a understanding husband, attentive father and an honourable man.      

This doesn't go unnoticed because we have the most important job when we celebrate Father's Day.....we are raising two potential fathers of the future, Matthew and Andrew.  This Father's Day, I wish everyone love and happiness.  I look up to heaven and am glad I have someone looking out for me as I make my own attempts to raise two gentleman.

Happy Father's Day. 

My boys, Matthew and Andrew

Dad walking me down the aisle