Pleased to meet you!

Hello! I’m Jessie Eaton - the new creative director here at anista designs (although I’ve been a part of the team for quite a while)!


If you’ve worked with us over the past six years, it is quite likely we have been in touch over a few (or many!) emails, discussing customized designs, colours, fonts, everything I love! Maybe we’ve spoken a few words over the phone to schedule a pick up, or have met in person for coffee and a consultation. Either way, I’ve been a part of the anista designs family since 2013, thoroughly enjoying learning to create each invitation by hand and exploring new ways to expand. I started just a few months after Christa and her team had moved into the studio space on Kerr Street, and I immediately felt at home. Christa and I have been wonderful friends since this beginning and I truly believe I wouldn’t be who I am today without her!

After the move out of our beloved studio in 2016 I travelled to Florence, Italy, to study fine art for 8 months. I continued to work on a few designs while I was there (as much as I could manage without paper in hand!) and when I returned I finished my degree in fine arts at OCAD University, continuing to be inspired by Roman architecture, historical photography, anything in blue tones, and of course all things floral!

Anista designs has and always will be Christa’s beautiful creation, and I am profoundly lucky to have become a part of it alongside her. I am delighted to take on a more directorial role and am looking forward to the years ahead - the weddings to come, the designs to create, and most importantly the people to meet. We are so happy to do this all for you!

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It has been a beautiful journey so far, and I am excited to get creative once again! I’m already working some new things out in a sketchbook, with some stamps nearby, and of course a cup of coffee.

Hope to talk soon!

With love,